The Jewish holidays throughout the year

The cycle of the Jewish year at Ancient Shiloh!

The intermediate days of Sukkot and Pesach are a real celebration here!

Visitors enjoy a unique festival that combines interactive content with fun, guided tours, street theater, musicians, ancient handicraft workshops and more!

Chanukah – guided tours and workshops in the footsteps of the battles of the Maccabees and the olive oil production process.

Lag b’Omer (33rd day of the Omer) – a celebration of first haircuts for three-year-old boys at Ancient Shiloh!

What is the connection between Ancient Shiloh and this custom, you ask? When Shmuel turned three, his mother brought him to the Tabernacle in Shiloh, to be raised here by Eli the High Priest.

It was here that Samuel grew up and became a prophet and leader of Israel, led a revolution of spiritual mending, anointed Saul to be king, and after him, David.

The hair-cutting event at Ancient Shiloh is an opportunity to the unique experience and joy of the three-year-old boys and their parents.