Various family life cycle events

Organizing a Bar/Bat Mitzva? Celebrating a special birthday or anniversary and looking for a venue with something special? Having a family gathering?

Here you will find a host of options for an amazing event with added value and unique atmosphere.

Hannah’s prayer, the bringing of Samuel to the Tabernacle and the unification of the Israelite tribes are milestones for many families seeking a way to celebrate with rich content. the breathtaking natural landscape of Ancient Shiloh and the entire surrounding region, with its developing Jewish communities, create a special combination on many levels.

At a Bar/Bat Mitzva at Ancient Shiloh, we connect the values represented here with the responsibility and maturity that youngsters attain as they celebrate this momentous occasion. For each event, we customize a program that includes the rich content and topics that we have to offer, and activities suited to the age, circumstances and requests of each family.

The options for activities and special guided tours for celebrations at Ancient Shiloh include: a festive meal, ancient handicraft workshops, interactive music circle, coffee and refreshments table and guided tours with a special focus.

We invite the youngsters to a special Bar/Bat Mitzva program, during which they will prepare guiding points for the tour themselves, accompanied by the explanations of a professional local guide.

These programs can also be customized for other types of celebrations, such as graduations, The celebrant can learn how to guide his/her family, after receiving instruction from one of our guides.

Ancient Shiloh has two spaces for hosting events:

Kedem House – Beautiful hall with arches that preserve the ancient style of the building.
Capacity – Up to 100 guests.
The hall has a sound system and projection equipment.

Lawn area – A delightful, spacious lawn, surrounded by shrubbery and plants.
Capacity – Up to 200 guests.
Canopy for shade during the day, and decorative lights for ambience after dark.

Contact us for a price quote for an enchanting event at Ancient Shiloh.